Merry Christmas, and lets forget about the mud!

To take the clear-eyed view, it’s not very Christmassy in England at the moment.  It’s green, grey, mild and the land feels squelchy like a sponge that’s been taken out of the bath and left dripping on the side.  It’s been almost exactly the same since April, quite honestly, the whole concept of seasons seems to have gone out of the window.

In our nomadic lives we’ve celebrated Christmas in places as diverse as Berlin (freezing cold, sparkling white, serious Christmas trees) and Adelaide (swimming in the warm Pacific, Christmas pudding flavoured ice cream).  We’ve bought the boys tasteful wooden toys in Hameln Christmas market (footnote:  the boys rejected the tasteful wooden toys and fastened on cheap tubes of plastic cars instead.  We’ve kept the TWT and intend to inflict them on as yet unborn grandchildren at some distant date).  We’ve gone carol singing in driving sleet in Belfast.  But for sheer, unadulterated mind-over-matter you just can’t beat an English Christmas.

We hosted a village Christmas drinks party a couple of nights ago and reality was suspended.  We served warming mulled wine, although outdoors it was just as mild as the unpleasant June that is still a recent memory.  We cooked mountains of comfort food type drink eats – sausages, devils on horseback etc – the high calorific sort of thing designed to see you home through the blizzards.  Except there was only mud to trudge home through.

People wore big, jolly jumpers, and silly Christmas hats, and gave each other Christmas cards with pictures of snowmen, and sheep in snow, and cottages with snow on the thatch.  And everybody pretended that we’re in the middle of some Victorian memory Christmas season, where you blow on your frozen fingers and drag a Yule log home through the snow drifts.

And in a sort of way I’m all for it – indoors the house looks wonderful, with the Christmas tree full of decorations, and holly and ivy everywhere we could shove it.  Outdoors is one huge mud bath filled with muddy animals, but at least their water troughs aren’t freezing over, and we don’t have to worry about burst pipes.

I’m going to go with the village flow, and wear Nordic jumpers and pretend that I need to eat vast mountains of calorific food to keep the cold out.  Merry Christmas one and all!  Ho ho ho!  Mud, what mud?

10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, and lets forget about the mud!

  1. Merry Christmas from a cold and gleaming white Sweden! It is such a delight to read your stories and I wish you all the best for the new year. Keep writing!

    • Hi Helena, a cold and gleaming white Sweden sounds absolutely wonderful. Very Happy Christmas from a mild and squelchily muddy England! Aly x

  2. I agree you can’t beat a English Christmas even though it feels as if this one is in danger of being washed away! Hope you have a wonderful time and look forward to more tales in the New Year.
    Sarah x

  3. I just read that England is under a Christmas flood warning. I hope that you and assorted animals keep warm and dry. Wishing you all a very Merry, if soggy Christmas and all the best in the New Year. You bring such entertainment to us all.


    • Hi Lynn, yes the rain simply won’t switch off, most annoying. Still, we’ll do our best to have a merry Christmas and I do hope you have a wonderful one! Aly x

  4. Hi Aly, Hope you managed to slosh your way through your Christmas Day. We had a beautiful 25C Chrissy Day here in Adelaide after having hit 42C a couple of days before. My hydrangeas had to be all moved inside the house for stress relief. I heard a Swedish man on the radio the other day describing how different Australia is to Europe and all of our traditions and it really struck me how surreal we must look to have winter type decorations everywhere when we’re in the middle of a Christmas heat wave. We’re funny bunch, humanity. You are very welcome to send that rain packing and post it down to us. Can’t wait to hear more of your tales.

    • Hi Janine, great to hear you had a fab Christmas. We spent Christmas Day in Adelaide a few years ago and it was AWESOME!! When science discovers how to package rain and send it I’ll send you a lovely great parcel full (so long as you send me some Oz sun in return!) Aly x

  5. Aly, Should we start building a rescue boat for you and all of the animals? Hope you don’t have anymore flooding problems on your property. Thinking of you….remember to keep the Wellies handy.

    • Hi Lynn, actually the floods have abated for a while. Just lots and lots of mud left behind. It is also strangely mild, so the animals are in good nick. Happy New Year! Aly x

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