Off to Africa!

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while will know that every now and then I disappear from your screens on a hairy-chested adventure.  One of us gazes out of the window and thinks “This is no good at all!  I want to wake at 5am, kick the embers of the campfire into life, drink a thoughtful coffee then go and stroll among enormous predators!”

So that is what we do for a while, until the safe green hills of the Cotswolds draw us home again.  And now the time has come to head for Tanzania, where we will pick up a Land Rover and camp on its roof for a fortnight.  When night time falls, and the Milky Way seems like an extra mosquito net just above head height, I find it comforting to be well above ground level.  Things pad past, or rustle past, or snort past.  Or on one memorable occasion they gallop past in a huge herd pursued by random lions, but up on the car’s roof we hold ourselves aloof.

The only moment when our carefully cultivated atmosphere of detached interest left us was when we camped by mistake on an elephant path and the whole lot came through at night.  We were eyeball to eyeball with some enormous great matriarchs then, and they could have used the Land Rover as a football if they had felt like it, with us as amusingly squishy add-ons.  But they didn’t, and after an hour they had all gone leaving their dustbin lid sized footprints, some impressive mounds of dung and me so chock full of adrenalin I thought I’d never sleep again.  I did, of course, until the furtive noise of a hyena eating our soap from the washstand woke me again.

As soon as we stagger off the plane, we’ll be heading straight out into the wilderness and to say that we will be out of internet contact is putting it mildly (though I have spotted Masai cattle herders with mobile phones inserted cunningly into their ear lobes, such a practical notion).

Have a wonderful mid-section of January and I’ll be back in a couple of weeks to tell you about it and also (as a matter of interest) to start wrestling with my new novel.  Unless of course something hairy and toothy with buzzard breath has other ideas.

9 thoughts on “Off to Africa!

  1. Oh, my, have a wonderful time in “deepest, darkest” and avoid all conflict with marauding critters. Would Indie like to holiday in the States with Simon? He, too, could have a wild adventure and he could practice his spy skills while you are gone. Send photos of your trip and very safe travels.

  2. Oooh, I wish I could accompany you, it sounds fantastic – campfire and predators included :-) Bring back some pics please and have a great time!
    Sabine x

    • Hi Sabine! We’re back – lots of predators and camp fires, it was awesome. I’ll try to get some pics on the website but it relies on Mikey (my son and IT man) who’s in the Middle East!! Aly x

    • Thanks Sue, we had a really amazing time and some very close brushes with the larger predators. England seems very safe (and very cold!) in comparison. Aly x

  3. Hope you have a wonderful time and another great and safe adventure. Your experiences sound amazing and I love your description of the Milky Way.
    Sarah x

    • Hi Sarah, we did have an adventure in fact many adventures. And the Milky Way was there and waiting for us. As soon as I can think straight I’ll try and get some of them down in the blog. Aly x

  4. Have a wonderful trip to Africa (so envious, I’ve wanted to go to Tanzania since I saw reruns of Daktari, with Clarence the cross-eyed lion!). Looking forward to hearing your tales and adventures on your return, and, intriguingly, all about your novel!
    Best wishes
    PS Hugs to Indy, Darcy, Guinness and Scarab and all your other furry/feathery beasties xx

    • Hi Janet, yes I remember Daktari, loved it. Saw lots of lions but all of them could see very well indeed. The animals here are all really well, such a relief. Except Slip who is on three wheels at the moment, just finished poulticing his hoof. Indie has GROWN! Aly x

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