The Black Moth sails AGAIN!

It’s been a trying day so far because Indie declared himself a pirate at an early hour.  His tail went up beyond the horizontal and his ears became pure Anubis, all clear warning signals that the Jolly Roger was being run up the flagpole.  So instead of a mild mannered whippet we had a pirate on board.  And pirates don’t use floors.  They walk along the tops of sofas and chairs, and they jump through serving hatches and they land on breakfast tables and skid along the top spraying breakfast china as they go.

They don’t eat normally out of bowls either.  They find things they shouldn’t have, and crunch them noisily up behind immovable furniture.

You can’t blame Indie, I mean the Black Moth: he’s just doing what a good pirate does.  Once the Black Moth has hoisted the mizzen, primed his cannons and sailed into the kitchen (cutlass clenched between his teeth) then basically it’s the end of order and reasonableness until he sails back out again.

The Black Moth has so much energy.  It’s not that he hasn’t been for a walk – he has: a long one in bitter cold wind.  And he’s fed the hens and fed the geese and fed the horses and chased the sheep too (very invigorating for all concerned, that was – pirates find sheep most stimulating).  But all that was a warm up for a fun morning indoors with me trying to write despite small arms being fired and planks being walked in every direction.

The labs heard opening salvo of warning cannons and took to their baskets at once, where they will shelter until the all-clear is sounded.  Scarab the cat was briefly captured and held hostage, but he has a useful armoury of his own and fought his way free.  Or so I thought.  He’s sitting in the computer cupboard at the moment pulling out cables so perhaps it’s something more sinister – he’s been co-opted by the Black Moth and is now a bosun, or Second Mate or something and none of us will have any peace ever again.

I remember when Indie was a tiny puppy and I wrote in this very blog that he seemed thoughtful:  well, I was warned!  He was thinking about being a pirate when he grew up.  And here I must add a quick PS – as I speak the Black Moth has annexed one of my newly planted pansies from outside and is hurling it around the sitting room, but still I wouldn’t swap him for any other whippet in the whole world, not even if they were of the school prefect rather than piratical persuasion!

4 thoughts on “The Black Moth sails AGAIN!

  1. Love your blog! I always looked forward to your columns in Country Living and now get my country “fix” here. Whippets are the best aren’t they. Our Lottie is the same, she has a thing about used tissues (gross!) and roots through pockets to find them before running off to devour them under the dining table. Also loves to use beds and sofas as a trampoline and does the “wall of death” round the room. Love her to bits though! Debbie.

  2. Well, maybe you should read that bit from Wikipedia to the Black Moth: Whippets are quiet, intelligent, and not prone to barking, but require regular exercise.They are generally gentle dogs, and may be content to spend much of the day resting.
    Sounds good, doesn’t it :-)

    • Hi Sabine, the thing about Indie (so I did this with my eyes open) is that he has 25% mystery ingredient. All we know about Scottish Granny is that she was called Spook and could run very fast. The rest is whippet. But I think he takes almost completely after Scottish Granny and I bet she had collie in her! Happy Easter, Aly x

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