A new arrival (inanimate)

Something new and beautiful has entered my life:  I bought a piano on ebay on Saturday!  I spotted it mainly because it’s made by a local firm and has mellow golden woodwork which came out rather nicely in the photo.  It had a reserve of £50, and when auction time approached I prepared for battle.  But – get this – none came!  Absolutely nobody but me wanted this piano and I secured it for £51, which seems an amazingly good deal when you think of the workmanship that’s gone into it – the wires and felt bits and wood bits and everything.

You may already realise that I’m new to this game.  When I was growing up, an elegant grand piano lived in an unregarded corner of the drawing room, but the only time it ever gave tongue was when the cat walked up the octaves.  Fun but not cultural.

Anyway, my new piano arrived in a van yesterday, ushered in by a muscle bound bloke called Will and his mate, who needed a cup of tea afterwards and said they had never realised pianos were so heavy.  Will added that pianos made him come out all over because he used to have lessons from a bird who looked like a witch and shouted at him.  Note to self:  find a teacher who looks friendly and speaks quietly.

The only tiny detached bee’s leg in my honeypot of joy is that, although it looks delightful with its marquetry and brass pedals, my new piano sounds like nothing on earth.  When everybody had gone outside, I lifted the lid and reverently pressed a key.  It didn’t work.  I tried another and was rewarded by a strange echoing twang.  I tried a third time and the cat gave me a reproachful stare and stalked out of the kitchen door.

Ultimately I aim to fill the house with gentle music, and hold impromptu concerts for family and close friends.  In the short term something needs to be done about the honky tonk/wild west saloon vibe.   Second note to self:  find a piano tuner.

Next time I write I’ll tell you about the recent stirring events in the hen run (will they never settle?)  In the mean time I’m going to have another amateur bash at the piano, and hope that this time the geese don’t line up against the window and yell at me like they did this morning when I attempted a basic scale.

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